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Become A Great Content Marketer

Become a stronger, better content marketer with thoughtful strategies and frameworks

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The Content Marketing Blueprint

Whether you're just starting in content marketing or a seasoned pro, this unique online course will equip you with everything you need to build an amazing content program that delivers results.

Grow Revenue With Content

No content for the sake of content. Learn how to connect content marketing to dollars

Tame Content Chaos

Strategies, frameworks and actionable takeaways for you to create & distribute amazing content at scale

Get Off The Content Treadmill

Produce high-quality content and get more out of your existing content

Content Marketing is the most powerful form of marketing if you do it the right way. 

Hi, I'm Marin

I've spent 15 years creating high-performing content for businesses of all sizes. A recovering journalist, I've worked on content marketing programs for Kajabi, Microsoft and businesses of all size. I'm passionate about how clear, concise content can make a major business impact.

I created The Content Marketing Blueprint because it's what I wish I had earlier in my career. 

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The Content Marketing Blueprint will equip you to:

Map incredible content to your buyer journey

Produce high-performing content across multiple channels 

Know what your content ROI is 

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